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April 2020

Avoiding Coronavirus Scams

2020-04-23T14:23:16+00:00Prepared and Informed|

During the pandemic it's important remain diligent managing both your finances and health. Scammers have been taking advantage of fears surrounding the coronavirus. Some scams involve products that never arrive -- like face masks and even fake vaccines. Other scams try to collect personal information by pretending that they're calling from the government. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued [...]

Safely Going to the Grocery Store

2020-04-23T14:23:16+00:00Prepared and Informed|

Is it safe to go to the grocery store? Should I have groceries delivered? What if I need something today?  These questions can feel overwhelming when you're considering something as important as food. During the pandemic, having your groceries delivered is always a safer option. However, this option doesn't make sense for everyone. If you choose to go to the [...]

How To Buy Face Masks Online

2020-05-13T10:55:54+00:00Prepared and Informed|

Face masks are an essential item in the coronavirus pandemic. They provide protection from droplets which can carry the virus, and prevent people from spreading the virus to others. But masks can be difficult to find at your local pharmacy. Fortunately, you can easily order masks from reliable suppliers online. AliExpress is an online global marketplace where many vendors are [...]

Staying Fit While Staying In

2020-07-28T11:33:43+00:00Prepared and Informed|

Staying fit while staying at home during the pandemic can be a challenge! If you're missing your favorite personal trainer or yoga class, check out YouTube. If you have some basic exercise equipment at home already, that's great, because it's getting hard to find weights, bands, and other exercise items in stores! There are some seriously great exercise videos on [...]

Meal Delivery Services

2020-04-02T08:50:56+00:00Prepared and Informed|

Going to the grocery store is no longer a risk-free proposition. Especially for older adults who aren't cooking for themselves, meal delivery services can be a great way to get delicious meals with no fuss while staying at home. There are a few different kinds of meal delivery services. Fresh meal delivery services deliver fresh ingredients. The delivery usually comes [...]