Staying fit while staying at home during the pandemic can be a challenge! If you’re missing your favorite personal trainer or yoga class, check out YouTube.

If you have some basic exercise equipment at home already, that’s great, because it’s getting hard to find weights, bands, and other exercise items in stores!

There are some seriously great exercise videos on YouTube. And once you find a trainer or teacher that you like, chances are they’ll have a channel with dozens more videos that you can follow.

Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers is an exercise program designed for older adults that’s included in many Medicare plans. Their Silver Sneakers Youtube Channel includes a great general exercise section called Exercises To Try. Some of the exercises use a simple pair of dumbbells, but many require no equipment at all other than a wall or a chair.


Yoga is great at-home exercise because you don’t need any equipment other than a mat. And yoga can work on any combination of strength, flexibility, and cardio.

Yoga With Adriene – Adriene has playlists of workouts organized by length. If you’re just starting out, dive into one of the under-10-minute workouts on this playlist. If you’re looking for challenge, take a deeper dive into Adriene’s 45-60 minute workouts.

Adriene has a yoga class for older adults.

Yoga With Kassandra – Kassandra’s playlists really shine. She has classes organized by length, style (yin, hatha, vinyasa), goal (flexibility, strength, morning routine), and difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Jump right in with Kassandra’s beginner yoga classes, or take things further with

Kassandra has a chair yoga class, which can be a great introduction to yoga for older adults.